Looking for a speaker who

can help your event audience

Overcome Blocks & Strengthen Their Prosperity Mindset?


Searching for a dynamic keynote speaker for your next event? Look no further! Carmen is a seasoned highly sought-after speaker who has traveled the world sharing with audiences her inspirational

thought leadership regarding money mindset, self-confidence, entrepreneurial success, and how to create a soul-aligned life and business. Having created and led her own coach certification program, Carmen is a respected authority in the field. She also

shares her expertise on courageous coaching skills to help her colleagues achieve transformational results with their clients.

Over the past three decades, Carmen has presented in both Iceland and Sweden twice, in Honolulu, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas, Phoenix, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and many other destinations.

I have had the pleasure of listening to Carmen as a keynote speaker at three different conferences. She is an excellent, inspirational presenter and has a deep knowledge of coaching and career management. Carmen can read her audience, get people engaged, and meet them where they are. I highly recommend Carmen as a keynote speaker or workshop leader in any area connected to personal development, career management, or personal branding!

Hannah Bäcklin


School of Business, Economics and Law

University of Gothenburg

Signature Keynote Presentations

& Workshops

Become Intentionally Wealthy By Cracking Your Money Code!

Discover the secret to unlocking your financial freedom! This presentation is a treasure trove for women entrepreneurs eager to embrace their true financial potential. You'll delve into strategies for breaking through money blocks, learn how to value your worth, and switch from scarcity to a mindset overflowing with abundance. Get ready to transform your business and step into a world where wealth isn't just a dream – it's your new reality!

Master Your Inner Game for

Radical Self-Confidence!

Ready to conquer self-doubt and radiate confidence? This presentation is a game-changer for anyone looking to level up their life. Discover techniques to banish limiting beliefs, foster unstoppable self-confidence, and transform the way you see yourself. It's not just about feeling confident; it's about being empowered to live boldly and unapologetically!

Leverage the Rules of Power

to Claim Your Worth!

Step into your power with this electrifying talk! It's time to navigate the unspoken rules of power and assert your worth with confidence and grace. Learn the art of influence and understand how to position yourself strategically. This session promises to leave you feeling empowered, capable, and ready to claim your rightful place at the table of success.

Maximizing the Power of YOU: Branding the Soul of Your Business

Unleash the unique brilliance of your brand in this transformative session. Dive deep into the heart of your business and discover how to communicate its soul to the world. You'll learn to craft a brand story that resonates, creating an authentic connection with your audience. Walk away with the tools to make your business not just seen, but felt, in a crowded marketplace.

Using the Happiness

Advantage to Win at Work

Turn your workplace into a haven of happiness and productivity! This lively talk explores the undeniable link between happiness and success. Learn practical strategies to cultivate a joyful mindset, enhance creativity, and boost performance. You'll see how a happy work environment isn't just more enjoyable and a key driver of success.

Danger & Opportunity:

Navigating Uncertainty

Embrace the thrill of uncertainty in this dynamic presentation. Discover how to turn perceived dangers into golden opportunities, mastering the art of adapting and thriving in changing environments. This talk is a toolkit for resilience, innovation, and growth, guiding you to navigate uncertainty with confidence and turn every challenge into a stepping stone toward success.

Carmen is a brilliant keynote speaker who engages the participants with her impressive skills. Her knowledge of career counseling and career management is of the highest quality. As a speaker, she inspires and motivates the audience.

Idar Nestaas


Sammen Karriere

Student Association In West Norway