“When you have clarity about your intentions, you can live your truth and own your worth — maximizing your brilliance, income, and time freedom!”

Your Heart-Centered

Money Mindset Mentor

Are you a women entrepreneur who has a faces overwhelming money blocks?

Are you trapped in an endless cycle of undercharging and over-delivering?

I know your frustration and fear. I've lived it.

The belief that I only “deserved” to have money or nice things if I worked very hard or suffered long enough was created during my childhood years growing up on a farm in west-central Minnesota.

The energy I had around money came from scarcity, lack, fear, and insecurity.

I didn’t feel like I was enough and my bank account reflected this belief.

“How You Do Money is How You Do Everything!”

-T. Harv Eker

My journey to wealth creation fueled my passion to help other heart-centered women entrepreneurs “crack their money code” to maximize their profits!

Using a unique proven methodology called ThetaHealing® combined with transformational coaching, I help uncover core issues quickly so that – together – we can resolve any underlying limiting beliefs and “head trash” around money.

This approach creates the space for you to achieve financial empowerment, time freedom, and radical self-confidence.

Once you have completed your ThetaHealing®, we move on to eliminating frustration and overwhelm so you can grow a profitable and sustainable Seven Figure business you love!

My clients are served through group coaching programs & courses, VIP Days, coaching packages, keynote presentations and my Seven Figure Intentionally Wealthy Mastermind™.

Contact me to discuss the best program fit for you.

Commendations for my contributions to the field of coaching and thought leadership:

Bridge Award from the Career Thought Leaders Association

Two Merit Awards from the National Career Development Association for authoring journal articles

Jules Kerlan Lifetime Achievement Award and the Marty Dockman Merit Award from the Minnesota Career Development Association

Referenced by Richard Nelson Bolles as a thought leader in his landmark book: “What Color is Your Parachute?”

Certifications and degrees I leverage to guide YOU in breaking through your Money Barriers:

MS in Counseling Psychology

John Maxwell Leadership Coach, Speaker & Workshop Leader

Leadership & Talent Management Coach

Career Management Coach

Brain-Based Success Coach

Job & Career Transition Coach

Money Business Breakthrough Coach

Sacred Money Archetypes Coach

Personal Branding & Social Branding Strategist

ThetaHealing® Practitioner

Law of Attraction Coach & Mentor

To reach me:

Carmen Croonquist

Digital Business Card: www.connecttocarmen.com

Email: carmen@intentionalityconsulting.com and cjcroonquist@yahoo.com

Phone or Text: 651-497-7178

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cjcroonquist

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