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Welcome to Intentionality Consulting

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is though EVERYTHING is a miracle. The choice is yours.” -Albert Einstein

Maximizing YOU: Merging powerful coaching and positive psychology to help you achieve transformational results!

“Invest in your dreams. They are priceless!”

What would your business/career/life look like if you could take your success to the next level? As a Career/Life Purpose Coach, I help others play full out to live a life of significance and purpose.

What are you reflecting to the world? Are you living your best life? The results you are currently receiving directly correlate to the thoughts, beliefs, and actions you have taken up to today. Want to have a more exciting NOW and future? Powerful coaching is the answer.

Clarity = strategies = transformational results!

• Uncertain about your career/life purpose?
• Stuck in a career or life that leaves you unfulfilled?
• Confused about what you want to do next?
• Ready to step out of your comfort zone to live more boldly and authentically?
• Feeling stuck or caught in repeated habits, self-limiting beliefs, and behaviors that hold you back from maximizing your true potential?
• Looking to make a greater impact in your life?
• Wanting to wake up excited about your day?
• Aspiring to improve your overall well-being and happiness?
• Wanting help to create an exciting future, with a life that has more fun and adventure?
• Ready to get clear about your personal brand so that you can leverage more of YOU?
• Seeking to bring your leadership to a new level of success?
• Aspiring to reach your goals more quickly?
• Looking to operate from your zone of genius?
• Ready to move from fear and survival to fascination, flow, and creation?

Experience the magical transformation of powerful coaching! Powerful coaching involves holding you accountable to a bigger vision, moving you past the fears and blocks that are presently holding you back.

Intentionality Coaching & Consulting merges positive psychology, brain-based success tools, ThetaHealing, and personal branding to help you be the best YOU!


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