"Embody Inner Wisdom, Embrace True Healing and Unleash Your Magnificence"

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Welcome to Intentionality Consulting

Unlock the keys to the epic life you desire by learning how to subconsciously heal, dissolve, and shift the limitations holding you back!

Together, we create results more rapidly and easily than you’ve ever experienced through traditional talk therapy or coaching.

• Have you hit a wall with your talk therapy?
• Are you finding it difficult to get out of bed in the morning because your life feels stagnant?
• Do you see that other people have what you want – and you’ve DONE EVERYTHING to try and get there, but it’s still not happening?
• Do you hear about “doing less and being more” – but you have no idea how to DO less and have what you want?
• Has someone possibly told you the key to success is about “BEING” instead of “DOING”, and you have no idea how to BE the person you want, so you can HAVE the things you desire?

If you feel like you know there’s something more out there for you, and you BELIEVE you can have it – and you WANT IT by doing less – I help you release and overcome all forms of “head trash” – the confusion, self-doubt, and self-sabotage patterns that keep you small, stuck, and stagnant so you can discover and create the best authentic version of yourself. This unique methodology I’ve shared with hundreds of people blends powerful coaching, mentoring and thought leadership with ThetaHealing to help you embody inner wisdom, embrace true healing and unleash your magnificence!
You arrived here for a reason…because NOW IS YOUR TIME to experience holistic success! Your Epic Life awaits you!

To reach me:
Carmen Croonquist
Email: cjcroonquist@yahoo.com
Phone: 651-497-7178


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