Imagine Unlocking

Your Potential to

Reach 7-Figures

with Ease & Joy

Transform Your Business and Life

by "Cracking Your Money Code"


Heart-centered coaches and experts who have reached 6-Figures hire me to catapult them to a Seven Figure income because they’re frustrated with inconsistent cash flow, the overwhelm of doing too much for too little, and the limiting belief they can’t charge their worth.

I help them overcome inner money blocks to design a business that lights up their soul, while welcoming more freedom, bliss, and well-being into their entrepreneurial journey!

Carmen walked by my side as I worked through a chaotic upheaval in my business – and life. She helped me recognize what a powerful creator I am, she allowed me to be totally authentic throughout the process, and a dream goal that I’ve been working on for 15 years finally came to fruition!

Amanda Riley


For coaches seeking to

crack Seven Figures, the journey begins

by identifying and removing the

limiting beliefs that keep them stuck.

You May Be Feeling Frustrated With:

  • Overwhelmed and burnt out, unsure how to scale your business without drowning in chaos, and lacking the needed systems and support.

  • Stuck in a cycle of under-charging and over-delivering, feeling constantly undervalued and overworked.

  • Struggling to price and package your services to reflect your true worth and attract ideal clients.

  • Dreading money conversations, fearing rejection, and feeling anxious every time you discuss your fees.

  • Seeing potential profits slip away due to self-doubt, perfectionism, procrastination, and “imposter syndrome.”

If ANY of these sound like you, welcome!
You are here for a reason…because NOW IS YOUR TIME!

I’m passionate about helping you re-invent your relationship with money…
because making fabulous money is part of your spiritual mission!

When I met Carmen, I was going through a big life transformation. I had left a job of six years to start my own business, had some health stuff going on, and was feeling very insecure about money and my self-worth. She provided the tools and the accountability to move me forward – AND she taught me how to tap into my intuition so that I gained confidence in all areas of my life.

Dani Aronson


  • You are prepared to break through the barriers holding you back and confidently take the next leap.

  • You want to achieve consistent cash flow and make a meaningful impact without the relentless chase for success.

  • You desire more freedom, joy, and well-being, with work that fuels your soul and energizes your spirit.

  • You aim to monetize your expertise, transforming your passions and unique talents into a thriving, lucrative venture.

  • You are ready to embrace mentorship that sees your immense power, challenges you, and helps you step into your greatness.

To Experience Bending Space and Time to

Get Where You Want to Go More Quickly?