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Thought Leader – Career/Life Transition Coach – Spiritual Mentor

“Creating clarity to help you live a life filled with purpose and passion”

Having confusion or frustration about your next moves in life or your career is something I have experienced personally. I grew up on a farm outside a very small town (population 500!) in West Central Minnesota with a limited perspective on my career options. Adding to that problem was that my self-esteem was in the dumps. Although my grades were good, the majority of external feedback I received was negative…and pretty soon my inner critic began to take over. You know…that “monkey mind” telling you that you’re never good enough or won’t amount to much in the world. That voice saying: “How dare you have big dreams when you have very little in the way of gifts to offer the world?” I cringed at the question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I had NO clue! When I went to college, I added a teaching degree to justify my liberal arts major to my parents. I didn’t factor in that I was deathly afraid of public speaking until my last semester, which involved student teaching hormonally deranged 9th graders! I beat myself up for making the wrong choice. My first job out of college was as the only female heavy equipment operator on a road construction crew! I kept expecting to know “magically” what I wanted to “do for the rest of my life.” After the road construction stint, I ended up in a dead-end job for three years. It was soul-sucking and I felt like a failure. I felt stuck!

What did I do? I decided to become an expert in my own problem! I realized that finding your career/life purpose and making transitions are something we ALL face. I obtained a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, and went on to work as a career counselor, Director of Career Services, and faculty member in higher education. I primarily helped college students, alumni, and community members with their career development needs and I LOVED witnessing my clients get results! In 2003, all of this changed. I was at a conference in Atlanta when, for the very first time in my entire life, I won a door prize! And it wasn’t just ANY door prize…it was a coaching certification program using the Law of Attraction. It was then that I learned how to use these techniques to create in all areas of my life through deliberate creation instead of by default (which is what I had been doing up until that point).

Since then, I have become a deliberate creator in my life and a “master manifester.” I manifested AMAZING and UNBELIEVABLE things, opportunities, and people into my life…. like five free trips to Europe, amazing career opportunities to coach top executives at a Big 4 accounting firm and to teach counselor education at the graduate level. I attracted high vibe friends, the love of my life (who is now my husband), our dream house in Florida (we are “sun birds!”), multiple streams of income, and so much more!

Today, I am solely in private practice as a thought leader, coach, and motivational speaker, blessed to be sharing all my manifestation secrets, tools, and techniques with my clients. Watching miracles happen every day in the lives of my clients is so rewarding! I combine over 30 years of powerful coaching expertise with cutting edge Law of Attraction and ThetaHealing tools to help my clients create lives and careers they love! By helping them silence their inner critic and zap negative belief programs that exist on the subconscious level, the result is radical self-confidence, goal achievement, and transformation. I’m energized by helping individuals find clarity on their unique purpose and passions to live intentionally, and I would love to help YOU!

Thought leadership, career/life purpose coaching, transition coaching, Law of Attraction coaching, executive coaching, leadership development, happiness coaching, personal branding, brain-based success coaching, radical self-confidence coaching, strengths articulation, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, motivational speaking, counselor education, teaching, and writing.

I put my heart into helping individuals create the best possible expressions of themselves (freak flag fly, helping them gain clarity, live more boldly), and have fun doing it

Just as all coaches are not the right fit for clients, not all clients are the right fit for me. I select clients who meet the following criteria:
1. They possess an inspiring vision/mission for their lives.
2. They are ready to make a greater impact on the world.
3. They are FUN to be with!
4. They are ready to be challenged.
5. They are willing to make a powerful commitment to achieving their goals.

If this is YOU, I would love to set up a conversation with you!

To reach me:
CaRmen Croonquist
Phone: 651-497-7178


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