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Thought Leader – Career/Life Transition Coach – Spiritual Mentor

“Creating clarity to help you live a life filled with purpose and passion”


Have you ever cringed when asked: “What do you to be when you grow up?” The answer to that question eluded me for most of my teenage years and early 20’s. I grew up on a farm outside a small town – population 500 – with a very limited perspective on what career options existed “out there.” Moreover, I had zero idea what gifts or talents I possessed – or how to discover them. Although my grades were good, my self-esteem and confidence were dismal. My inner critic told me I wasn’t “good enough” or “worthy” of achieving any level of success. I longed for some magical formula to crack the code on my “career conundrum.”

When I went to college, I attempted to justify a liberal arts major to my parents by adding a teaching degree. Unfortunately, I hadn’t factored in that I was deathly afraid of public speaking until my last semester, which involved student teaching hormonally-deranged 9th graders. With a sinking feeling inside, I knew it wasn’t the right choice for me. In my first job out of college I was the only female heavy equipment operator on a road construction crew! I kept expecting to “magically know” what I wanted to do “for the rest of my life.” I didn’t know what questions to ask myself, or how to even approach finding my direction. After the brief but lucrative stint in road construction, I ended up in a dead-end job for three years. It was boring, soul-sucking and I felt STUCK!

What was my solution? I decided to become an expert in my own problem. I realized that I was not alone…that finding one’s career/life purpose and making transitions are something we ALL face. I obtained a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and embarked on a new path as a career counselor, Director of Career Services, and faculty member in higher education. It was a rewarding role because I LOVED witnessing my clients gain insight and achieve results. I loved learning, and higher education was an energizing setting for employment. I also felt a sense of accomplishment when I finally overcame my fear of public speaking – through lots of practice!

While my life and career were going well, there came a time when I knew inside that I was ready to up-level. That turning point occurred in 2003 when I was at a conference and won my very first door prize. It wasn’t just ANY door prize…it was a coaching certification program for mastering the Law of Attraction principles. I learned and implemented powerful techniques to manifest in all areas of my life through deliberate creation instead of by default. Amazing and unbelievable things, opportunities, people, and resources rapidly came flowing into my life…five free trips to Europe, an amazing contract to coach top executives at PWC, teaching counselor education courses at the graduate level, attracting high vibe people into my life, manifesting the love of my life (who is now my husband), creating my ideal business, attracting multiple streams of income, and so much more! Dreams really do come true. Most of all, I was finally aligned with my soul’s purpose, feeling confident, energetic, and loving life!

Today I am solely in private practice as a thought leader, mentor, coach, writer, and motivational speaker blessed to be sharing my manifesting secrets, tools, and strategies with my clients. I’m energized by helping individuals quickly find clarity on their unique purpose and passions, silence their inner critic and overcome “head trash” to gain the radical self-confidence to lead their epic lives! As an advocate of time-leveraged transformation for holistic success, I seek to help you maximize the power of YOU!

Thought leadership, career/life purpose coaching, transition coaching, Law of Attraction coaching, executive coaching, leadership development, happiness coaching, personal branding, brain-based success coaching, radical self-confidence coaching, strengths articulation, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, motivational speaking, counselor education, teaching, and writing.

I put my heart into helping individuals create the best possible expressions of themselves (freak flag fly, helping them gain clarity, live more boldly), and have fun doing it

Just as all coaches are not the right fit for clients, not all clients are the right fit for me. I select clients who meet the following criteria:
1. They possess an inspiring vision/mission for their lives.
2. They are ready to make a greater impact on the world.
3. They are FUN to be with!
4. They are ready to be challenged.
5. They are willing to make a powerful commitment to achieving their goals.

If this is YOU, I would love to set up a conversation with you!

To reach me:
Carmen Croonquist
Phone: 651-497-7178


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