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Specific Coaching & ThetaHealing® Programs:

Discover Your Career/Life Purpose: this coaching program is tailored to each individual – to help you zero in on a work and life that will support your happiness! It is typically six sessions and focuses on expanding self-awareness; strengths identification; understanding how to leverage your values, interests and passions; creating opportunities for personal and professional growth; a blend of informal and formal assessments, and a ThetaHealing session to help you gain deeper clarity about your purpose.

Spiritual Coaching & Healing: Overcoming Trauma, Fears, Worry, Guilt, Resentments, Rejection, and Regrets to Honor Your Soul’s Purpose.

Manifest a Career/Life Your Love! (Making Smooth Career/Life Transitions; Life Satisfaction) If you would like to know what it feels like to effortlessly manifest your dreams…this program is a must!

Manifest Your Divine Life Partner: To a large extent, our lives are filled with the search for love in all its shapes and forms, especially unconditional love. A compatible soul mate will have learned how to have unconditional love in a relationship. However, a Divine Life Partner is a soul mate who is not only compatible but shares your mission in this life on Earth. This program combines coaching and ThetaHealing to help you heal your heart from past relationships, clear out programs and patterns that may be blocking you from love, maximize your ability to fully love and accept yourself as worthy of the highest and best love, and will provide steps to manifest your Divine Life Partner.

Spiritual Divorce: Healing Wounds from Past Relationships: While you may have ended a relationship, you may still be joined to your former partner on a spiritual level. A spiritual divorce is an energetic way to release a commitment from the past that is no longer serving you and retrieve the soul fragments that gave away in the relationship. This is a one-time session that uses ThetaHealing to release the commitment. Additional sessions can be added as needed to help you heal your heart, understand the soul lessons gained from the relationship, improve self-love and self-worth, and start you on the path to manifesting your compatible Divine Life Partner.

Total Self-Confidence Coaching: Total self-confidence can make you soar! This coaching program involves putting you on a step-by-step path to achieve a new, positive outlook on your own self-confidence. You will gain new tools on how you can use your creative imagination to get what you want; how to clear your mind of fear, worry, guilt, and reverse failure; and improve your level of confidence in every area of your life – from your career, love life, relationships, finances, mental, emotional, and physical health!

Personal Brand Coaching: Personal branding is a tool career professionals cannot afford to ignore. Embracing our gifts supports and enhances career growth. Using your personal brand celebrates your uniqueness, brings your authentic self to all areas of your life, and provides the courage for you to live intentionally!
This is a six-session coaching program that involves:
1) gaining clarity on your personal brand attributes,
2) being clear and consistent about how you express your personal brand, and
3) knowing how to use your personal brand as a compass when making decisions that impact your career path.
ThetaHealing can always be added

Shift Positive® 360 Leadership Coaching: Grounded in positive psychology, the Shift Positive® 360 method is a new and unique way of gathering and giving feedback in the workplace that engages the leader or team member’s “people system” who actively and openly support the individual throughout the change process. This coaching process uses Appreciative Inquiry to ascertain what is already working well, in addition to solution-focused questions to identify desired behaviors, and “systems thinking” to build stronger alliances from the leader’s “people system” within the workplace. Because all participants are united to support each other’s success, it creates deeper and lasting change more quickly. This is a time-intensive leadership coaching program that brings together many stakeholders on a team. Therefore, pricing is determined by the number of participants.

Just as all coaches are not the right fit for clients, not all clients are the right fit for me. I select clients who meet the following criteria:
1. They are curious and eager to grow and learn.
2. They are ready to make a greater impact on the world.
3. They are adventurous and FUN to be with!
4. They are ready to be challenged.
5. They are willing to make a powerful commitment to achieving spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being!
If this describes YOU, I would love to set up a conversation with you!

How I work:
• Single sessions (both coaching and ThetaHealing) at $175 per session
• Combination of coaching and ThetaHealing programs, as described above.
• Three-month and six-month programs (six sessions or twelve sessions).


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